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Is membership a contract?

No, you don't sign any contracts, it works more like a Spotify or Netflix subscription, that can be stopped at any time.

What does my monthly payment actually go towards?

It goes directly towards your recording project. For example if you have paid in £150 over 3 months and you have only been in the studio for one day (£150 cost) then your balance will be zero.

What happens if my balance goes below zero?

That's fine! In fact you can go below zero up to 10 times your monthly subscription; and no, it's not finance. All that happens is that your perks will be paused until the balance is positive again.

What happens when I want to unsubscribe?

Just tell us and we can stop the subscription for you. If you have an outstanding balance that hasn't been paid off then you'll be given a 'final invoice' to clear the balance, just like when leaving a utility provider.

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