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Covid-19 Response

Dear valued clients,

We hope you are all well and healthy at this time.

Lockdown has unfortunately had a devastating impact on our industry that has been felt the world over. With venues closing their doors, musicians, bands and artists alike have taken a huge hit financially from the income we all make from music. Although this time has been a struggle, we can’t help feel slightly optimistic about the future ahead. For many, this time has yielded a great deal of inspiration, creativity and a new sense of community that I feel will continue to develop as we transition into a new way of working and interact with our audiences. One thing for certain that hasn’t changed though is our need to stay connected and engaged through our music; The need to release new and exciting material and keep our presence alive.

We want to be as useful as we possibly can to artists who are feeling the pinch at this time. We want to help you transform that inspiration and creativity from these weeks in lockdown into professional new releases and content that will not cost the earth to pull off. For all of you that haven’t heard of our Patron Membership, we implore you to take a look and find out how easy and stress free studio time can be. It was designed for times like these!

Staying Safe At Vibratone

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve had to look at the way we operate and hold sessions. To adhere with government guidance it is essential we put some measures in place to keep everyone safe whilst maintaining the creative atmosphere that you expect here at Vibratone.

Below is a list of measures that we will be implementing for the foreseeable future. It might be necessary to adapt these depending on each client’s needs, and for any future government updates; we’ll always aim to be as accommodating as possible where we can. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions.

1. Upon entering or exiting the studio everyone must wash their hands.

2. You will find hand sanitiser in each of the studio rooms. Everybody must use these whenever they enter and/or exit any of the rooms.

3. Disposable face masks will be provided although, we do ask if you are able to bring your own please do so.

4. Alchohol sanitising wipes will be provided to wipe down headphones/headphone mixers etc after use.

5. We will be providing a metal microphone pop shield for vocal work that can be easily
cleaned and sanitised after every use.

6. We’ll be carrying out enhanced cleaning processes between sessions, which will include sanitising of door handles, equipment, taps etc.

7. We’ll be removing hand towels and replacing with paper towels.

8. Clients are asked to only handle their own equipment and not anything owned by the studio. Likewise we will only handle equipment owned by the studio and not clients’ equipment.

9. When it is necessary to travel between rooms, 2m distancing must be observed.

10. A maximum of 3 people may occupy each room at any given time (including studio staff) whilst maintaining 2m distancing.

11. Where band members aren’t required for tracking we respectfully ask them not to attend the studio.

12. There will be taped areas on the control room and live room floors that designate areas for clients. This is to help ensure minimum distancing is maintained.

13. The kitchen facilities including food and drink storage and preparation are closed.

Please bear with us whilst we make these changes that will keep us all safe. We understand this
is a challenging time for all but want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to
be open as soon as possible. We are excited and eager to work with you on your projects after
this unprecedented but no doubt inspiring past few months.

If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of Covid-19 related illness please do not attend
the studio. Instead, please contact us via to discuss further

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