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What are you doing? Why did you click the button? Sigh... As good as we can try and make it sound with words, we urge you to visit and see it for yourself.


The studio has a true room-within-a-room construction that we designed to our own specification to include mechanically de-coupled floating walls and raised wooden floors to achieve the most natural sound stage. The live room is separated into three different sections offering a versatile recording environment. 


The control room was designed with the same room-within-a-room principle and was shaped for acoustic optimisation; we even built in vast hidden bass traps behind the listening wall for accurate low-end response. The space is separated into halves, the front being the work-space for us engineers to do our thing, and the back reserved for you to chill/warm-up/make brews/whatever else you might want to do while you wait for the drummer to lay down their parts. 

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